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Dental Insurance & Alternatives: DHMO, DPPO, & Discount Dental PlansDental Insurance & Alternatives:
DPPO, DHMO, & Discount Dental Plans

Discount dental plans are an easy-to-use supplement or alternative to dental insurance. Enjoy the freedom to conveniently compare and choose from the leading plans in the country. Enter your ZIP code or call 866-864-3511 to compare the discount dental plans available in your area. Use Coupon code EASY10 to join and get 10% off any plan!

Recent reports show that about 56% of the U.S. population does not have dental insurance. So itís no surprise that many people are joining discount dental plans to cut their out-of-pocket costs on dental care. Please take a look at the brief overview of PPO dental insurance plans, HMO dental insurance plans and discount dental plans weíve provided below.

PPO Dental Insurance Plans
PPO dental insurance plans are also known as dental preferred provider organizations (DPPO). Dental PPO insurance plans give members the option of choosing dentists from both inside and outside of their established network. Typically, the insured receives greater savings if they stay within the DPPO plan’s network. The claims and reimbursement process for dental PPO’s are similar to those for HMO dental insurance plans. The monthly premiums for PPO dental insurance plans are generally more costly than for HMO dental insurance. Businesses often provide their employees with DPPO insurance plans.

HMO Dental Insurance Plans
HMO dental insurance plans are also known as dental health maintenance organizations (DHMO). Dental HMO insurance plans have networks of dental care providers that offer dental care to the plan members at pre-established prices. Dental HMO plan members have to stay within the DHMO's network of dentists. In addition, primary dentists need to refer plan members to dental care specialists. DHMO plan members submit claim forms to get reimbursed by the dental insurance carrier. HMO dental insurance plans usually have cheaper premiums than PPO dental insurance.

Discount Dental Plans
Discount dental plans are discount programs that serve as supplements or alternatives to dental insurance. Many people turn to discount dental plans to take advantage of the 10% to 60% discounts offered by participating dentists on most dental care services. EasyChoiceDental.com proudly offers 30+ discount dental plans from leaders like Aetna, UNI-CARE and more. Everyone over 18 years old is accepted, plus there are no health restrictions, no paperwork hassles, and no annual limits. Individual discount dental plans start at $79.95 per year and family discount dental plans start at $129.95 per year. Plus, if you join with Coupon code EASY10, you can save 10% on any plan!

Enter your ZIP code or call 866-864-3511 to find an affordable discount dental plan in your area. Save 10% on the plan of your choice by using Coupon code EASY10 to join!

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Dental Plans 101 - Your Online Guide to Discount Dental Care

Dental Plans 101 - Your Online Guide to Discount Dental Care

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